Josh Kesselman donates over $180k to Senai International to help rural communities obtain clean water

Letter of appreciation to RAW Giving from Senai International

March 1, 2023

It is our great privilege to partner with RAW Giving and provide water to rural communities across Ethiopia. Our family has worked in Ethiopia for 3 generations, and without partners like RAW Giving we would not be able to provide the life-giving provision of clean water. Since our partnership started, RAW Giving has provided $189,392 to Senai International, Inc and in return we have been able to install solar powered water pumps and distribute clean water to over 49,500 people in Ethiopia!

We are so excited to continue our partnership together, and scale to where the lifesaving resource of water is accessible by everyone in Ethiopia. This will have ripple effects in health, education, quality of life, economic development, and reducing deaths of children due to lack of clean water. Keep up the great work RAW, let’s continue this journey together. Love conquers so many barriers, let’s use that to provide the life-giving resource of clean water to everyone who does not have access to it!


Drew Harding
Founder Senai International, Inc.