Project Background

With the support of RAW, Wine To Water was able to work deep in the Amazon jungle to provide clean water to those in need. Departing from Leticia, Colombia, we quickly abandoned the roads and took to the waters on a 15 foot boat. After hours of navigating the Amazon river, the WTW team arrived in the small community of Cheneria Peru.

Cheneria is a small community along the Amazon composed of the indigenous Ticuna tribe. This community is prone to flooding in the rainy season and droughts in the dry season, the people are in great need of a secure water source.

When the WTW team arrived, the only source of water was scarce rainwater and the river; both are typically contaminated sources. After 3 days of hard work, the team was able to rehabilitate the well and install a raised platform to protect it from flooding. WTW also provided a basic WaSH education in the local school and distributed hygiene kits.

Many Adults and Children in Cheneria now have access to safe drinking water all year long.

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Seven hours up the river, a larger community called Vista Alegra, is located. Once again the people here were dependent on collecting rainwater during the rainy season and the river for drinking water. Upon arrival, the WTW team was welcomed with young children climbing 50 feet into trees to collect ripe Pomarosa fruits as gifts. We went to work quickly to rehabilitate a well on the far side of the community. Large groups of spectators came to watch the progress and to provide support as needed. After 3 days of work, the well was in working order. The groups of children happily helped pump the water when it was completed.

Thanks to the support of RAW, Vista Alegra’s adults and children now have access to clean water.

Thanks to RAW’s support, many were transformed through improved access of clean water.

Wine To Water and the people of Cheneria and Vista Alegra are in gratitude for RAW’s commitment to the global water community.